The Art of Placemaking Podium. Photo by Jonathan Waugh.

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In 2012 WaterFire Providence received a major grant from ArtPlace America to launch a public art incubator to create new art works and public programs with a wide variety of arts and culture organizations to experiment with original ways to add vibrancy and economic impact to the city of Providence.

We began to plan and build a learning lab, this project will  exist in two dimensions. In the real world our learning labwill take shape in a former U.S. Rubber warehouse that we purchased in December of 2012. In this physical place we are planning on creating an enviroment where art, science, learning and making all coexist. This building will not only house WaterFire Providence’s operational and day-to-day apparatus, but will also become a home to art installations, workshops, lectures, performances, and maybe even a little roller derby. As part of creating our learning lab we hosted a unique conference in Providence on November 7th – 9th of 2013. The Art of Placemaking conference included placemakers, artists, urban planners, community developers and researchers meeting to discuss impacts of using art to build and transform community.

Now we are pleased to welcome you to the second dimension our learning lab: the website. This website will be a platform to continue the conversations that began at the Art of Placemaking conference. Our goal here is to create a forum for discussions and collaboration between creative placemaking professionals working in urban centers and small towns across the country. We will be posting videos of all of the sessions from the 2013 Art of Placemaking conference in coming weeks. Our goal here is to make a go to resource for professionals and students working in learning about creative placemaking.

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