Measuring What Matters: Sponsorship Research Lessons for the Placemaking World

Jed Pearsall, Founder & President, Performance Research

Jed Pearsall is the founder of Performance Research.  He holds a doctorate in sports management from TempleUniversity, and is a former faculty member at Temple specializing in Sociology of Sports.  Pearsall’s pre-doctoral work was completed at DartmouthCollege and The Wharton School of Finance (Univ. of Pennsylvania).  Pearsall is a frequent speaker at the IEG’s annual conference on Sports and Special Events, the BDS Sponsorship Conference (London), as well as Association of National Advertisers (ANA) conferences for Financial Management and Sponsorship

Evaluation is often considered the toughest task in sponsorship– tough to do because there is no standard unit of measurement, and tough to accept because it can produce a quantitative report card of success and failure that is not always welcome in a creative space.

Borrowing lessons learned from the sponsorship research world, this session will highlight how major brands are going beyond traditional yardsticks to measure the value of passion, emotion, and experiential connections, and offer a few best practices for creative placemaking.

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